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In my book, “42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue: Practical Strategies to Matter More and Sell More in B2B Markets”  I listed 42 rules for becoming more relevant to large business customers.

42 may be the answer to the ultimate question of  life, the universe, and everything for Douglas Adams and future space travelers, but for today’s enterprises, 42 is just a start.

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Please share YOUR rules for growing B2B revenue and mattering more to your customers.

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Developing Relevance as a Corporate Skill Contribute a rule >>

Pursuing Markets Where You MatterContribute a rule >>

Fostering Customer CollaborationContribute a rule >>

Articulating Relevance and Delivering Value –  Contribute a rule >>

Succeeding with Solutions (or just Solution Selling)Contribute a rule >>

Industry Specialization –  Contribute a rule >>

Empowering Sales ChannelsContribute a rule >>

Leveraging Alliances for Growth Contribute a rule >>

Expanding into New GeographiesContribute a rule >>

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